Come to the Croydon Digital Service open day on Thursday 2 April

Visit CDS in the heart of the Cronx and see local government digital transformation in action!

Croydon Digital Service (CDS) has spent its first year creating an engine for continuous impactful improvement to digital services in Croydon Council and the borough as a whole. On Thursday 2 April we’re holding an open day to share our progress, meet others on similar journeys and learn from each other. We’d love to see you there, so please register your free place!

Our open day will be an opportunity to find out how we’re:

  • embedding GDS-style principles
  • delivering against the Service Standard
  • reorganising our structures
  • building a new culture
  • writing and implementing our digital strategy
  • working with the local tech community

Central government has been working on what digital means for the public sector for years, and now local authorities across the country are getting involved. In an increasingly challenging environment, digital transformation is taking on an important role at the heart of service redesign and council strategy.

At Croydon, we’ve been lucky to have former Head of GOV.UK Neil Williams join us and build up a crack team that includes digital boffins, government experts, public and private sector innovators, and Dave Briggs. We’re committed to working in the open, and as a result quite a few colleagues have got in touch to ask to visit and see what we’re up to.

We don’t have all the answers though, so instead we would like to provide a space for all the interested people to meet each other and share ideas, as well as hear what we’ve been doing, our successes, and the challenges we’ve faced. This has led us to set up our first open day!

The event will be held on Thursday 2 April at Cronx Towers, AKA Bernard Wetherill House in Croydon. You can view the agenda and book your place here.

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